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Amongst the different drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Thailand, Inspire happens to be one of the best with professionals that offers the best treatment for a quick and sound recovery from any form of addiction. We have a group of certified expertise that major in treating addiction as some of them were once addicts.

At inspire, our goal is to create effective and flexible treatment plan that would make it easier for one to come out of addiction and resume a normal life.

What makes us stand out from other rehab centers is the uniqueness of our treatment plan that covers the individual need of every patient irrespective of what it might be.

With the aim of offering more than what is expected of us, we have established some partnership with other professionals over time. We have made it a point of duty to assign an addiction specialist to every patient to help them get through the rehab session successfully.

This unique treatment plan of ours has given us the opportunity to offer more assistance to individuals on a daily basis than any other rehab center could do in week. Individual treatment is administered to every patient in order to make the residential and post rehab treatment that is after-care treatment more effective, social support network and other necessary factor was created to ensure a successful recovery process and at the disposal of the patients when needed.

The effect of addiction on the life of an individual can never be a positive one, therefore we devout our time and resource to developing effective treatment plan that not only treats the physical aspect of addiction but the emotion aspect as well. We understand that emotional instability could also lead to addiction. Our aim has always been to offer more than what is expected in terms of addiction treatment and to motivate our patients, helping them to break out of addiction and we go the extra mile to achieve this.

What We Treat?

At Inspire rehab center we offer solutions and specialize in help alcohol addiction, anorexia, binge eating and bulimia.

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Our Patient`s Success Stories

For Recovery And Rehabilitation

  • I had ups and downs but i got alot of help here and i'm thankful to the staff for thier support and patience with me. these people are super kind even when dealing with difficult situations.

  • The counselors at Inspire Center are very supportive and caring. They really helped keep me motivated during this difficulty time in my life. I’m thankful for all that they did for me!

  • I’ve been to a few rehabs in Thailand in the past which were much more expensive. Inspire is just as good, but so much cheaper. Going to Inspire was a good choice for me. I’m drug free today and I can’t thank my counselors enough. Thank you again to all the Inspire team!